Blackspade Kids & Adults Reusable 3D Spacer Mask - Navy

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BlackSpade Kids & Adults Reusable 3D Spacer Mask - Navy

*Please note images of black mask are only to show how mask fits on face. This listing is for a NAVY mask.

Approximate Measurements



Ear Hole Dimensions




4cm x 8.5xm




4cm x 8.8cm




4cm x 9.3cm

Kids Size 1



3.8cm x 6.8cm

Kids Size 2



3.8cm x 8cm

Size Small + Medium recommended for Women

Size Medium + Large recommended for Men

Kids size 1 recommended for age 3-7 years

Kids size 2 recommended for age 7-12 years

The Coronavirus Pandemic has resulted in a new normal across the globe which we all must try to adapt to in order to prevent further spread and devastation from.

Coronavirus is highly contagious and lives in miniscule droplets of water in an infected person’s respiratory system. If the infected person sneezes, coughs or touches their mouth these infected particles can land in the mouths or noses of others, be inhaled and cause infection in this person.

Use of masks is one form of protection from air-borne viruses such as Covid-19. Masks do not offer complete protection and other guidelines should be followed alongside use of the mask such as thorough hand washing and social distancing.

However, the University of california San Francisco Health support the idea of wearing masks, based on empirical evidence from Asia where masks are routinely used they believe using a mask or face covering is more likely to protect against infection than wearing no mouth and nose covering during this pandemic.

Reusable masks like this one are more comfortable than typical disposable masks and are more environmentally friendly as they can be washed resulting in less waste in our environment.

This mask is lightweight, flexible, antimicrobial and features an adjustable wire at the bridge of the nose to ensure the perfect fit for the ultimate chance of protection.

It consists of 3 layers of fabrics. The outermost layer is polyester for fast drying, a mid-layer is included for maximum protection between inner and outer layers and the inner layer is cotton for comfort.

With a cotton inner fabric this mask is comfortable and easily stretches to fit the face.

The innovative 3D spacer fabric is breathable whilst remaining effective. Breathability is important to prevent excessive sweating, removing heat and moisture from the surface of the skin.

The 3D-spacer fabric also has excellent recovery properties ensuring your mask will not lose shape after washes.

**This mask does not meet medical grade standards and should not be used in healthcare settings when caring for patients with Covid-19.**

Machine Wash in warm water. Tumble Dry High. Do Not use bleach, chemicals or disinfectant to wash this product.

**Be mindful of this product if you have lung disease, or chronic heart disease. Stop using this product immediately if you notice difficulty in breathing while using.**

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