Hom Ho1 Plume Up Trunk - Black

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HOM HO1 Plume Up Trunk - Black

The Plumes Up HO1 trunk is a short boxer made of polyamide and elastane blend, particularly thin, is as light as a feather. Perfect for men who don't want you to see the seams of their underwear through their pants.

Invented and exclusive to the HOM brand: the HO1 trunk for men. The patented HO1 (Horizontal Opening n °1) has become the must-have of the brand.

With support pouch, ensuring comfort and support as well as the HO1 horizontal opening.

Thanks to its material, its thin elastic that does not compress the waist, and its finishes, the Plumes trunk is invisible under clothing and provides a perfect second skin

76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane

HO1 Plume Up Trunk - Black