Let’s face it, we all have a top, dress or skirt in our wardrobe which we LOVE but haven’t worn because its too “risky” and we don’t know how to navigate the underwear situation.
Don’t fret, our Secret Weapons provide a solution for all your underwear-related problems. Check out our top 6 tried and tested solutions below and give your gorgeous outfit the debut it deserves.
1. Low-cut backs
So you have a low-cut back on your dress/top and you don’t want pesky bra straps to show? Here’s The solution:
Secret Weapons Go-Low Bra Strap Extender
With the Go-Low you can still wear your favourite, most comfortable bra but the extender brings the straps further down your back meaning no unsightly bra straps are visible if wearing a lower-back garment all while maintaining the support of a bra.
Available in black, white and nude to match your bra. If your shoulder straps are still visible you can pair with the clear Invisistrap for a completely transparent look.
2. Completely backless dress? Here’s the solution:
Secret Weapons Nudi Bra
With no straps and no back clasp you can achieve a completely backless look with Nudi Bra and Nudi Boobies. Using a skin-save adhesive these bras stick to your breasts meaning straps are not needed. We LOVE our Nudi Bra for every-day wear in the hotter months when we’re avoiding those bra strap tan lines!
Contrary to popular belief, these bras are designed to be used more than once. Simply hand-wash with a mild detergent after use and store back in their box to avoid dust damage to the adhesive.
3. Need a cleavage boost? Here’s the solution:
Secret Weapons Chicken Fillets
Shaped to sit perfectly to the side and underneath the breast to obtain maximum fullness and lift you can achieve the perfect full cleavage look with Secret Weapon’s Chicken Fillets. You can increase your bust by up to two cup sizes without a painful and expensive boob job.
After a slightly more subtle/natural boost? Try Bosom Buddies. Designed for both bigger breasts which need some lift and smaller breasts that ended a little more oomph these enhancers are ideal for all boob shapes and sizes. Made from clear silicone they remain discreet within all styles of bra and can also be used in bikini tops!
4. Nipples showing through your top? Here’s the solution
Secret Weapons Headlight Dimmers
Go braless without fear of your nipples showing through your top with the re-usable or single-use headlight dimmers. An easy to use essential every girl should have in her wardrobe for occasions when a bra is simply not suitable.
5. High split on your skirt/dress? Here’s the solution:
Secret Weapons Commando-G
Go “Commando” without the fear of showing more than you should with the Commando-G. This re-usable adhesive G-String underwear sticks in the front and back and has a cotton gusset. An almost invisible underwear style, this allows you to show off your silhouette with no lines in sight, perfect for high splits and super figure hugging styles.
6. Low plunge neckline not suitable for a bra but you still need support? Here’s the solution:
Secret Weapons Boob Tape
Create cleavage, boost, lift or flatten with the multi-purpose boob tape, an absolute essential for all boobs. Create the shape you desire for each outfit all with a roll of boob tape – no fancy bras required. Seriously soft, super thin and this clear tape is almost like your own skin, moves with your throughout the day and creates the perfect silhouette for any style of top.
The best part? This tape is super strong making it suitable for our larger chested ladies and is NOT painful to remove! If taping over your nipples we recommend pairing with nipple covers to protect those sensitive areas.
This is not an extensive list of all the underwear solutions available at Utility Bear, we have many more to choose from and would be happy to assist with any queries you may have regarding solutions for your tricky outfits.
Have you ever tried any of these underwear solutions? Let us know how they performed!
March 14, 2023 — Utility Bear